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carmen call girls las vegasHey there! My name is Carmen and I am a huge football fan! I am exceptionally excited about the Raiders being moved to Vegas, and couldn't be happier with this decision. It's been a long few years knowing about the prospect and finally, 2020 is here and our new team is a reality. With the new Allegiant Stadium ready for gameplay, there's plenty of fun to be had for all football fans out there. Consider giving me a call and bringing me along if you decide to take in a game! Here is what we will enjoy together!

Someone To Show Off Your Team Spirit

When you book a session with me, I'll show up dressed in my Raider's apparel and ready to route on our team together. I am not just talking football jerseys or hats...I go all out and wear the team colors on each of my carefully selected articles. I'll wear tight jeans or a super-short mini skirt, showing off all my assets to anyone who looks my way. My attention will be completely on the game and on you, however. Those other onlookers aren't the ones I'm going to be focusing upon! 

Let's Celebrate Before The Game Begins

With football, there is a need for tailgating. It's an absolute must to get you pumped up for the field action you'll be spectating. It makes the game fun and prepares you for the anticipation for a potential big win. Whether you plan on hanging outside the stadium or going to one of the bars in the area to mingle with other Raider's fans before the game, I'm totally in. I love to party and I'll make you look good wherever we decide to go. Show me off to others and be excited knowing that I'll be by your side for the whole game as well as after it comes to an end. You'll be totally on board with bringing me back to your place when all is said and done, right?

We'll Rehash The Game And Explore Each Other

When the game is over, I want to be the one to celebrate with you if we win or console you if we do not. I'm there for your enjoyment and this is when the real fun will begin. Those sexy clothes I'm wearing will be completely coming off when we get to a place where no one else is there to watch us. I want to tempt you, tease you, and please you. This includes stripping, massage, and more. Do you want to learn more about me and see all that I have to offer? I hope so because I'm getting excited just thinking about what we can do together when we are away from prying eyes. The night is ours and who knows where it will lead us. Let's find out together!