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myra las vegas girls direct to youI'm Myra and I have become seasoned in the activity of yoga in recent weeks. I really enjoy how relaxed I feel after performing a yoga session. It was all introduced to me by a client I had taken on who brought me away to a yoga retreat. Here's more about our date.

I Was Ready To Learn

When I got the phone call that a client wanted to bring me away for the weekend to a yoga retreat, I was excited but also a bit worried. I knew how to work out at the gym but never took a formal yoga class in my life. I used this opportunity to load up on some sexy workout clothes to bring along on my trip. I packed my bags with exercise and intimacy in mind. This could be fun!

We Learned So Much Together

My client had a bit of prior experience in yoga, and wanted to expand on his knowledge. He told me that he loves watching the female body and its form while doing poses. I kept this in mind as I learned about the power of yoga and I made sure I tried to hold my poses perfectly. I imagined my client's eyes upon me as I did each move. I snuck a few peeks at him, and sure enough...he was watching me! With this knowledge, it made it easier and easier for me to learn the basic moves. I wanted to look good for my client and listened and performed perfectly. I truly did learn a lot about the body and how you can take care of yourself if you exercise daily. I find yoga to be relaxing and will incorporate it into my daily routine.

We Took It Back To Our Room

We had a beautiful room together at the retreat my client had selected for us. This is where we spent almost all of our downtime. We practiced some moves we had learned in classes while we were in the comfort of our private quarters. These moves we did completely nude. Wow, there is such a rush in doing yoga in the nude! It is very sexy and my client was an all hands-on kind of guy. We stripped, danced, massaged, took baths together...and so much more. When we went back out to the classes to learn more, I have a feeling some other students knew we had been intimate together. There was just a change that happened between the two of us. I can't wait to continue my lessons here at a local studio. My client has also signed up and promised me to reach out and book some private sessions with him on the side. Yes, yoga has become my newest favorite hobby!