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myra las vegas girls direct to youWhen winter weather diminishes, many people decide to do a little spring cleaning around their house. The nicer weather makes you want to clear out the clutter and get your home looking fresh and new for the arrival of warmer temperatures. One way to get spring cleaning conducted while tending to your inner desires is to hire a beautiful escort who will play the part as your maid. This is a thrilling experience, and although your entire home won't be in tip-top shape, your body and spirit will! Here's what you can expect from a role-playing session with one of our sexy women.

You'll Enjoy The Appearance Of Your Maid

Your "maid" will show up at your door dressed to play the part of your cleaning woman. She'll be scantily clad in her cleaning attire, but she'll be sure to cover herself well until she gets inside your home or apartment. Think about a short skirt, tight top, stockings, and all the tools necessary to dust and wipe away grime, all with a smile on her face. If you have a preference regarding your escort's appearance, be sure to look at our website and select the exact woman who will show up. This way you'll have an attraction already set in place, helping to boost your anticipation for her arrival. 

Cleaning Will Begin, All While You Watch

Your escort will get right down to work in cleaning your living space while you spectate. She'll be sure to give you ample opportunities to check out her features while she does so. Bending, lifting, and stretching takes a lot of out a woman, so she might want to take a few layers off as she gets warm. You won't mind, will you? We don't think so. Watch her tidy up your place while she gives you peeks of what she has under that clothing. Be sure to let her know if she misses a spot....she'll be quick to get right on that so things are to your liking. All of this work made her want to take a break...will you allow it? Can she rest on your bed for a while? Or is there something else you have in mind?

You'll Reap The Reward With Your Maid's Presence

When your "maid" shows off her skills, you'll want to reward her for her hard work. How about allowing her to spend time with you and getting to know her better? Or would you rather she shows you her performance in a better way than cleaning? Whatever you wish, she is there to make you feel good about your time together. Stripping, lap dancing, massage, all comes into play when the work is done. She's there to flirt, tempt, and please. What are you waiting for? Your home needs a good sprucing up, don't you think?