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sasha hot vegas escortsIf you intend on being in Las Vegas around Halloween, one way to have a unique time is with the attendance of the Fetish and Fantasy Ball. This extravaganza is hosted by the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and is considered one of the "must attend" events of the season. Here are some steps to take to get ready for this posh celebration so you stand out in the crowd and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Get Your Tickets In Advance

This event is so popular, it is best to have your tickets in hand so you do not get left out. Tickets can be purchased via the event website and will be mailed to you via Certified mail in advance of the event date. VIP tickets are available for those who want to enjoy all that the ball has to offer. These give you complete access to all activities, free drinks, quick entry, and short lines. If you would rather visit the event later, special after hour tickets are available at a discounted rate. This allows you to go into the event at 1 a.m.

Get Your Costume Ready

Since the Fetish and Fantasy ball is a Halloween-inspired event, you need a costume to strut around in once you get into the establishment. People take costumes very serious when it comes to this event, so be sure to put some thought into what you will be wearing so you impress those around you. Think about the fetishes you have or fantasies you want to fulfill and use them as inspiration when you devise your new look. Consider getting others in on the action and use a theme for all of your costumes. Make sure to turn heads and draw attention to yourselves with a unique look.

Bring Someone For The Thrills

It is not as much fun going to an event alone as it is with someone exciting and stunningly beautiful by your side. Consider hiring one of our escorts to accompany you to this fantastic party. Many of our escorts have gone to the Fetish and Fantasy Ball in the past and know exactly what is needed to have the best time of your life.

Your escort will meet you dressed to impress in a scanty outfit sure to have you and others drooling for her attention. Bring the sexiness with you and let the event lead you both to a fantasy night you will be sure to remember long after it is over. Your escort will keep the party going after the ball comes to an end, and spend time with you back in your hotel room. This is where the real action lies.